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    Add Tracking Mask to PSD or .PNG Layer in AE CC

    monzilla888 Level 1

      Guys, I'm pulling my hair out. Anyway you could give me a quick tip on how to apply a tracking mask to a PSD or .PNG layered on top of a movie file in AE CC? Man i'm going crazy trying to figure this out. Thank you very much in advance.


      I see here: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-after-effects-cc/rigid-mask-tracker-in-afte... how to apply tracking mask to an adjustment layer, but the .PSD layer or .PNG layer mask doesn't offer the "right click > tracking mask" option.


      Please, what am I over looking? I have an AE comp with a PSD file or PNG file which has some bricks for a building, and I need the mask to track as the movie ever so slightly moves.


      Please help me. Thank you.