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    I cannot get Flash Player to install!


      I am on a mac and keep getting the Actionlist not found error message. I am on OSx.7 on a macbook pro. I followed the thread I read about installing from an offline full version of flash and that didn't work. It errored half way through and told me to go to the trouble shooting. I have done ALL the trouble shooting. I have uninstalled and deleted the directory folders inside my library/preferences/Cache/Adobe/FlashPlayer and the other Flash player folder. I do not know what else to do. I was on hold with Adobe support with 3 different people for almost 2 hours. I was transferred multiple times. One lady I swear just sat there in silence for almost 15 minutes "researching" my issue just to send me to someone else who gave me the same song and dance about it being a free application, it's a chargable issue. I have told everyone I spoke to I would pay, I just needed it to work and I can download Google Chrome but at the end of the day it needs to work on Safari and Firefox. Last guy finall said he would help but then diconnected me and never called me back (why did I give a callback number? even disconnected where was the link in the email he promised me?!) I beg of anyone that can help. Like I said I tried all the threads in here off the issue of getting the Actionlist error but all those have lead me still to no solution.