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    InDesign automatically use clipping-paths for images


      Hey everyone,


      for my daily work I have to assign clipping-paths to images. ALOT.


      So is there a way to assign them automatically? Maybe with Scripts oder Search & Change?


      It would save alot of time for me.



      Here's a helpfull script-part from Jongware:



      Select 1 image and set the clipping path options.


      Select the rest of the images and run the script.


      for (s=0; s<app.selection.length; s++)

      try {

        with (app.selection[s].graphics[0].clippingPath)


         appliedPathName = photoshopPathNames[0];

         clippingType = ClippingPathType.PHOTOSHOP_PATH;


      } catch(_) {}



      Thanks people