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    RTMP Multicast from VBrick 9000 series encoder




      I'm trying to get RTMP multicast working from my VBrick 9000 encoder to my network using the Adobe Media Server (v5.0.3).  I've used the Multicast Configurator tool to generate the published stream name, and have plugged that into the VBrick encoder.  I took the generated manifest file, and placed it in the multicast player folder, but am not able to view the video.


      I've confirmed that sending a unicast feed up to the AMS server from the VBrick works without a hitch.  The logs on the AMS indicate that it is receiving something from the VBrick, and is starting the multicast feed (with a NetStream.Publish.Start message, and others indicating the multicast IP and port I've specified).  The multicast player only shows "Waiting for Video," and none of my network gear indicates any multicast traffic is actually occurring.


      Just for fun, I plugged in the same configuration to FMLE, and the multicast feed starts up right away without any issue and is viewable in the multicast player.


      Was wondering if anyone else has had any experience configuring the VBrick units with Adobe Media Server, specifically for multicast.