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    Baggage Folder not displaying

    starrd Level 1

      I'm losing my mind.  I tested adding a PDF to my RH 10 project last week and would have sworn the Baggage Files folder appeared after I did that. Now nothing I do will trigger display of the Baggage folder.  I've toggled the Project Manager view back and forth; I've readded the file; I've restarted the project.  When I toggle between views in the Project Manger pod, the only thing that changes is HTML Files toggles to Project Files but the contents look identical.  :/


      The only thing I can think of after perusing the forum is that I added the Baggage file to the root folder because we don't have subfolders in the project. I did try attaching it to a specific topic but that didn't have any effect either. 


      I must be missing something obvious. Help?