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    CS6 Exporting to EPub /Kindle --Embedding Fonts question

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      I would normally look on my Lynda.com subscription page for this but the site is not working at the moment. My question is I had exported an indd file as an epub, embedded fonts is selected but when I preview the epub ( in my ibooks desktop viewer)  I do not see the embedded font.


      Then I export to Kindle make sure embedded fonts is selected and I get the warning box


      The following fonts were skipped as the user deselected them or the font files could not be copied.

      "Century Gothic Roman" - Regular

      "Century Gothic" - Regular

      "Century Gothic" - Bold


      any help as I may have to do a fixed layout here.



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          Douglas.Waterfall Adobe Employee

          I think you meant to write that you DO see the fonts in iBooks desktop.


          (Warning: finger pointing ahead)


          The reason you don't see the embedded fonts in the Kindle workflow is due to a limitation in Amazon's Kindlgen software.

          This is the tool that converts a variety of dataformats, including EPUB, to their own native Mobi/KF8 formats.


          InDesign subsets, obfuscates and compresses the fonts according to the IDPF spec before we put them into the EPUB both to save space but also to discourage casual copying - we must take our font partners intelectual property very seriously.


          The EPUB device/readers then reverses this action during the reading proces in order to make them functionable.


          To date Kindlegen has elected to not write code to do this.


          You being Kindle Publishing's direct customer, I encourage you to make a feature request to them or otherwise make your interest known.


          Douglas Waterfall

          Architect, InDesign Engineering