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    How do I create an array with variables also splits words  in a txtfile?

    Dapeamel Level 1

      Hello guys,


      I made a script that reads a text file.



      function readMyFile()


      var myFile=File(app.activeDocument.filePath + "/LareLog.txt");

      if (myFile.exists)



              var Temps =  myFile.read();

              alert (Temps);                          // message the content

              var nyRad=("\n");                    // break the line


              alert(textArr);                          // message the content with all info on new lines ("\n");





      my textfile contains:

      ~/Desktop/3.indd ,Thu Mar 20, 2014, 11:26:34 , GMT+0100




      I wonder how do I sort the content in array

      in this order, also creates variables for each string.

      var= string 1[~/Desktop/3.indd]

      var2=string 2[11:26:34]

      var3=string 3[11:26:34]

      var4=string 4[2014]

      var5=string 5 [GMT+0100]



      Thank you in advance people.