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    InDesign CS6 issue on PDF export - only close active




      I have a situation with my script (or something else). The line of the code where error occurs is this:


      myApplication.ActiveDocument.Export("Adobe PDF", myPDFFileName, False, myApplication.PDFExportPresets.Item("[Smallest File Size]"))


      Nothing special... everyday for about 300 times (or exports) - everything went ok, but 1-2 times I get an error on exporting. The actual place when InDesign stops is shown in screenshots:


      Few things to mention here:


      1. sometimes InDesign not responding after this

      2. sometimes it is alive but only Close is active, save, save as, save a copy are gray

      3. everything can be restored from recovery

      4. at that very point when exporting pdf, possible is that an inserted image from this indd file could be opened in photoshop somewhere else on the network

      5. everything is on the network, indd, links, images, incopy stories


      My guess is that InDesign couldn't read or get the image at this moment from the network but then again, the guys are telling me that no error is logged on router, switch, network etc...


      Any medicine? Maybe how to avoid this?


      Tnx. Regards,