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    How to:  using the Place command in an action and remembering the source filename...

    Toasted Spider Level 1

      I have a large set of product, architecture, and other subject-specific photos, that I’m preparing for a new website; all to be placed in various galleries.


      For each photo, I want it to have the same background.  If I were doing this manually, I would simply “place” the subject photo into the background, and save it – back to the original photo name.


      In other words, doing this manually, PRODUCT_001.TIF gets placed into STANDARD_BKGRND.TIF, (thereby automatically correctly sizing and centering it), and then saving the result back to PRODUCT_001.TIF; either overwriting the original, or into a new folder.   (I have the original file somewhere else, and am working with an intermediate copy).


      But since I have several hundred photos, how do I create an action (and really – a droplet) that will save the resulting file to the desired name?  Typically placing photo ‘PRODUCT_001’ into photo ‘B’, alters photo ‘STANDARD_BKGRND’, so I can’t save the result back to ‘PRODUCT_001’.  Said differently, in a droplet, each time it's run saves the result back to the same filename 'STANDARD_BKGRND'.


      The end result – I want to apply that droplet to all the PRODUCT_***.TIF files in a given folder, and end up with the same file names as before.


      Thanks in advance for your help!



      PS - I have no scripting experience in PS, but have written code in other applications/scenarios.