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    Edge Animate CC installed - but CC doesn't think so!

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      I have Edge Animate installed as part of my CC subscription. It shows as ver., Windows 7 Pro.


      But - on my CC list of Apps, Edge Animate doesn't show up - instead, it's on the lower part of the CC window, with the Install button next to it.


      Somehow, I don't think Edge Animate CC will receive updates, since my CC panel doesn't even think it's an installed app...


      CC doesn't show any updates that haven't been installed - but, it seems that CC itself hasn't been updated in 16 days (I can't see a place to determine what version of CC I have running, but the Adobe site reports a new version of CC was released yesterday.)


      The obvious thing to do would be to remove Edge Animate CC and re-install ?