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    Aut Txt   separate to frame dimentions ?


      First, good morning good afternoon or nights,
      The situation is this, the first picture shows central field which I want to have the appearance and spacing as the second image. (The letters come to the limit of the frame) and what I've occupy be manually setting the tracking to get the result, there will be a simpler way.



      (sorry if there are errors of conjugation, I am from mexico and google translator sometimes fails in conjugations)

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You need to set your text alignment to "Full Justify," but I'm not sure what that's called in a spanish interface. This screen shot shows the justification buttons in the Paragraph panel. You want the one on the right-hand end of the middle group of 4:

          Left Justify paragraph panel.png


          You can set this as part of a style, too, under the Indents and Spacing options.


          It's OK to post in Sapnish, if you like. We have quite few users who can read Spanish.