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    Using Batch sequences in Acro Xi Mac


      Hello Everyone:


         I have a couple of scripts heavily in use that required they be built as part of a batch sequence, as they deal with multiple PDFs.. 


         These scripts are fairly large (one about 1000 lines, one in excess of 3000 lines) with the potential to get even larger. 


         Additionally, several requests for scripts are rolling down the line that look to be of similar or greater size. 


         The Adobe Acrobat editor is just not a good fit for building such large scripts.  I have switched the editor to UltraEdit, which is a much more capable editor.


         However, the problem comes when a new version is finished and I need to install it in other computers.  It seems that the only way to do this is to copy the script into a text file, take that text file to the next computer in line, open it up in a text editor, copy the script to the pasteboard, open up the batch sequence, open up the execute Javascript command, open up the script and copy the new code on top of the old code.  If this needs to be done on multiple machines, it becomes, ahem, tedious.


         Is there any way to save the script to a XXX.js file and just copy the new js file over the old XXX.js file?  I've looked at addscript but was not reassured by its examples in the Batch Sequence PDF that it could do the job I need it to do..