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    Hot spots to trigger image states in Apps


      I watched one of Terry White's videos on Adobe TV in which he used buttons (pins) on a map to reveal different images which were basically the different states of a multi-state object. He then output this to an iPad and everything worked fine. I've tried to replicate this as follows:


      • Draw a box around part of a map, convert it to a button
      • Create a stack of photo-images in separate frames, Select all of them and create a New Multi-State Object
      • Select Hidden until triggered option for the multi-state Object
      • Set the Button properties: On Roll-over, Go to State nnnnn (where nnnnn is one of the images in the multi-object state)


      This works perfectly in the SWF previewer, but when I output to Adobe Content Viewer the hotspots don't work, and the top-most object in the multi-state object always shows all the time.


      Also, I've inserted a video (MP4) file but it doesn't show in the Content Viewers either. I get sound on the dekstop Content Viewer, but nothing on my Android phone.


      Has anyone made this work please?