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    High Pitch/Fastened Audio


      I'm a pretty new user to After Effects CS6 and I'm starting to learn on my own how to use it. I'm currently working a lot with text and motion for lyric videos. Well, when I play the ram preview with my song in it, the song is quickened and high pitched. I don't have a clue how to put it back to it's original sound.


      I've looked all over the internet to attempt to find a solution with only one situation that was the same problem I had. They suggested going to the song and performing the following sequence (Interpret Footage < Main < Frame Rate) and it was faded out the second line in the Frame Rate stating "Conform to frame rate [   0.01   ] frames per second and only allowing me to edit the Timecode section.


      My current frames per second is 29 and if I slow it down to 23, the song goes even higher and faster. Now if I changed the FSP up, the song will slow down. I was able to get the song to play at normal at 60 frames per second. Obviously, we don't want the frames per second that high, LOL! It kept stopping the preview.


      Anyways, I would love to get some help on this. If you give me a solid solution, you will have to put it down step by step, since I don't know my way around After Effects very well yet.


      Thank you!!