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    How do I create a form that 2 departments can edit


      I am trying to create a document for Manager A to partially fill out, save and send to Manager B to completed and send off to Manager C. Can this be done with Adobe forms? I have the form created and have clicked save and entered the email address I wanted to send it to. But once we opened the form again it redirected us back to the dashboard and all the information was gone on the form.


      Can someone please help me, I would be grateful.





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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          A workflow for form filling where multiple users fill out the form is not something we support - however it can be accomplished using our "Save Web Form" feature, which is what it sounds like you are trying to do.  See this tutorial on using that feature: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-4135


          When you say "But once we opened the form again..." it sounds like you are opening the URL to the form from when you were signed in creating the form, and not clicking on the link in the Email that you are sent with the saved form to complete...  There would not be any data in the form after a user does a "Save Web Form", no data is sent to FormsCentral until a user clicks "Submit".  Clicking on the link in the saved form email should retrieve the partially filled form for the next user in the workflow to continue and then either save again and email to the next in the work flow, or submit.