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    Radio Buttons

    Earnest Hart

      I'm working on an election ballot that will have three candidate names vertically on the left and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference selection across the top. I want to use Radio Buttons in a Interactive PDF for voters to make their choices. There are three rows of three buttons for a total of nine.


      The challenge is that each candidate should only have one radio button highlighted for a first, second or third selection pick. If candidate No. 1 is picked as a 1st preference, candidate 2 and 3 should not have that option.


      I've tried groupings of three buttons vertically and three buttons horizontally. In both scenarios, a candidate can have all three buttons highlighted if a voter wishes to do so. I want to eliminate this possibility.


      Does any know how I can maybe have the candidate's name be selected by the voter, which would then activate all the buttons (9) in a group for a voter to make one choice in that group. Then the next candidate's name would be chosen and the process repeated.


      I'm stumped as to how to accomplish this. Any ideas?