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    Issues with Edge parallax effect in DPS

    btaartdirector Level 1

      I know there are many threads (most from 2013) about using touch events to control the Edge animaiton timeline. However I have tried several approaches including EdgeDocks / EdgeCommons.js -- I have tried it by downloading their JS and linking to it locally. It worked fine in the browser, but not on the iPad. Seems to be stuck on frame one and not causing the animation to be crontolled by the stage scroll or touch events.


      I also tried the Adobe INSPIRE Edge Banner tutorial here: http://www.adobe.com/inspire/2014/01/parallax-edge-animate.html


      I downloaded the Edge files, published to an OAM. Placed it in a new Folio, uploaded it and viewd it on my iPad through the content viewer and it works fine.
      Here's the code:


      // Map scroll position to timeline position

      var animationWidth = 3072;

      var stageWidth = sym.$("Stage").width();

      var scrollPos = sym.$("Stage").scrollLeft();

      var duration = sym.getDuration();

      var percent = scrollPos / (animationWidth - stageWidth);

      var time = duration * percent;


      // Update timeline



      WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO MAKE THIS WORK VERTICALLY? What values/attributes do I need to use. I want to create a 768 x 5120 article in InDesign and create various animations using a parallax effect like the horizontal example?


      Thanks in advance.