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    Adobe Products (CC) Freezing up computer entirely

    dreamache101 Level 1

      Can't move the mouse at all, can't CTRL-ALT-DEL.  I have to restart the computer with the reset button.


      This happened a few times a few days ago, and stopped after Windows 8 reverted it back to a state where it previously loaded.  I was able to use adobe CC products fine.


      Then 2 days later, the same thing again; and both times it started when I tried using After Effects CC. 


      I'm only able to post this as I have to quickly CTRL/ALT/DEL and kill all adobe processes, because after a few seconds, "Updates To Creative Cloud Manager" pops up on the system tray and then freezes the computer entirely..


      I tried installing the update, but once it starts installing, it freezes the computer.


      I'm using Windows 8 (up to date) 64 bit, 16gb ram.. Help?





      I was able to launch Creative Cloud by following the steps in the 2nd post of this thread:



      I've updated the CC application, and now I'm updating After Effects.  I'll report back if this does not solve the problem.