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    DW Fluid grid layout question, adding a second layout?

    Deixis Level 1

      Beginner question:


      So i've built my index page in DW CC using the Fluid Grid Layout feature.


      My site construction consists of


      index.html page






      the index page uses all the basic template tags such as header, article, aside, h1-5, p, etc etc


      The site is working great and works responsively as I would expect.


      However, the problem is I want to add a second html page to the site which I want to have a different layout, css style and fluid grid. The only consistent elements to the master index page will be the header and navigation menu.


      Since all the styles of the html index page are linked to the master css pages how do I go about adding a different responsive layout to the same site without the changes affecting the master page?


      For example if I duplicate the index page and start changing the layout it affects the entire site, not what I want.


      So I thought I would need to duplicate all the files and rename them to something like





      and the 'boilerplate.css' and 'respond.min.js' would not be duplicated and stay as they are.


      ...But not sure if thats best practice to duplicate all the files so is there another method I should be considering? Or am I on the right track?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's really better to build one layout for your entire site.  You may decide not to use all the elements on every page, but your primary design scheme should take everything into consideration much the way Bootstrap, Skeleton and other RWD frameworks do. 


          If necessary, you can use embedded CSS for a few page specific style changes.  Embedded CSS will trump your external style sheets. 



          Nancy O.

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