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    Can I trust AE dynamic link quality in premiere? I got different results in AE than PPro

    Mariano Puppo Level 1

      I'm doing a rotoscoping of a car plate for a TV commercial, i did as always, in premiere razor at in an out of the scene that needs to be rotoscope. then replace with AE composition.


      when I finished working in AE, i saw that in the premiere viewer window the plate I replaced in AE has lot more noise and less quality than in the AE viewer.

      then I start to realize than the whole frame was having less quality in premiere. I check all sequence settings, everything is good.

      is anything I missing? I really want to premiere render in same quality as AE is any setting that could downgrade the quality of the AE comp in premiere ?


      this mean that premiere render is different than AE rendering?


      or should I always render in AE and then import into Premiere and don't trust Dynamic link ?


      hope is some settings I missed.


      any help would be appreciated