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    Custom toolbar for wrap text in Bold - fcodes? or extendscript?




      I'm replacing the text_formattig toolbar with one that looks the same but instead of adding format overrides, it wraps the selected text with the bold, italic etc elements.


      So in text_format.xml I have added, for example>


      <ACTION command="WrapBold">

                                    <images dark_normal="P_TextBold_18x18_N.png" dark_rollover="P_TextBold_18x18_R.png" normal="P_TextBold_18x18_N_D.png" rollover="P_TextBold_18x18_R_D.png"/>




      and in customui.cfg I have>


      <Command WrapBold

         <Label WrapBold>

         <KeySequence \!c2b>

         <Definition \xF49 >

         <Mode All>>



      This launches the Quick Insert menu, but I'm not sure if I can key down and select b then enter, to wrap with the required element.


      Can I combine fcodes to do this? Does anyone know?


      or am I better off calling Extendscript from the toolbar instead?