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    Warning message every time I open an app

    steve etchie Level 1

      I ended a Creative Cloud subscription and then opened another one because I got a free year from one of my employers.  Since the new subscription, I've been getting messages every time I open an application saying that Adobe is having trouble verifying my membership.  It also give the amount of days remaining for me to verify it before eberything stops working.  This is happening on both my desktop and my laptop.  The only thing that I can think to do is uninstall everything and then reinstall so that Adobe is reinstalling everything on the new subscription. I wanted to know if this was the case before trying it because this would be a bit of a pain.  I don't mind doing it if that's the answer to the problem.  Whatever I have to do, I also need to know if it's something I have to do on both machines running the software.  Thanks!