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    Tabs (Not Keyboard)

    Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
      I've been trying to build these tabs that when press move forward (I know how to do that). The problem is I want to keep a certain order.

      A(f),B(b1),C(b2),D(b3) (at the beginning A is at the front(f) and the rest are behing(b))
      'click' C
      A(b2),B(b1),C(f),D(b3)(C is at the front)
      A(b2),B(f),C(b1),D(b3)(B is at the front)
      A(f),B(b2),C(b1),D(b3)(A is at the front)

      This is the problem. B goes behind A and C when it should be infront of A.

      Can someone help me figure how yo get B infront of A?

      Thanks for any help in advance :D