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    Bad PS install and CC says it is Up To Date.


      I think that my first problem was that I forgot that I had a PS beta from 2012 installed.  After a failed PS install from CC, I did a propper uninstall of the old version and CC contined with the new PS download and install.  The first time CC failed to install PS, it stopped at around 40%.  After the uninstall of the old beta, CC picked back up where it left off and finished the installation.  However, this new Adobe Photoshop CC folder in the Applications Folder only had a single icon in it; the Photoshop CC app but greyed out with a circle and slash through it.  Trying to launch that would bring up a dialog box that said something like, Incomplete Installation.


      The CC app says that PS is "Up to Date" with a green check mark.  I have since trashed that incomplete file from the Applications folder and now there is no hint of a PS app on my system.  However, the CC app doesn't have an option to reinstall.  Still, the CC app thinks that I have Photoshop installed.  What do I do?


      Mac mini 2011 2.0 gHz i7 Server

      8 Gigs Ram

      240 Gig SSD boot drive

      OS X 10.7.5


      Thank You for the help,




      And one more thing, I have done an uninstall and reinstall (from the diskimage) of the Creative Cloud app.  This resulted in me having to check the Agree-To-Terms box again, but this new installation of CC remembered my username and said that PS was still Up-To-Date.