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    How can I centralise text on button?




      I made button graphic using some fill effects, and then wanted to add some text to it. Of course I could just put a text frame on top of it and group them, then convert to button, and that works fine. The problem is when I want to add the rollover effect. I just wanted to add a simple glow effect for this, but if I used a grouped item, it places the glow effect on both items in the group, including the text, ruining the graphic.


      I could type the text directly into the button graphic to avoid these double effects, but then I cannot align the text vertically within the button, because unlike text frames, graphics frames do not offer a vertical alignment option.


      The only viable option seems to be to place and addition graphic into the rollover effect from a file, which seems to be over-complicated and messy. Intuitively I would have thought a rollover state could be created simply by dragging another graphic into that position - but that's not possible either,


      Does anyone have any tips on how to achieve this?





      I've solved the problem by using baseline shift, but this does not seem to be the right way of going about it to me...