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    RoboHELP to PDF > Page numbering issue



      I am experiencing a problem related to page numbers in the pdf generated through the RoboHELP source files. Hereby I am giving some images of the initial pages of the PDF, in which I have clearly explained the issue. I have removed the content and images related to our project. Please let me know, how I can overcome this issue.


      NOTE: The page numbering issue was not there earlier.  I have imported two frame maker files. Then I was not able to generate a PDF. That particular FM file had a table. Read in the Adobe forum that some type of tables may affect the generation of PDF. Hence, I have deleted the FM files. Since then I am facing the page numbering issue.


      Here are the images with my explanation of the issue:

      The following is an image of the pdf. This is actually the fourth page of the pdf, but it is numbered as xiv.


      The next pae is numbered as xv. Again the numbering reverted back to xiv as shown in the following iamge.


      Immeditely after the TOC, the 1st page is numbered as 115.


      Again every 1st page of a chapter is starting as page number 115




      The 2nd page of every chapter is numbered as 126.


      The 3rd page of every chapter is numbered as 125.



      The fourth page again numbered as 126 followed by 125, which is continuing till end of the chapter.


      Please let me know how this issue can be solved.