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    Edge Animate problem with Firefox

    VMSDesigns Level 1

      I've created some navigation button animations in edge animate & use the .oam file in Muse. Now what i did is, i created the animation in Edge Animate but the text (i.e. Home, About, Service....) is written in Muse placed on top of .oam file. Because, it is a web template to sell online. So, people, without having the knowledge of Edge Animate, can easily change the text themselves. Here is the link to the site: http://photography.vmsdesigns.in/.


      The animations are working fine in all browsers except Firefox & Internet Explorer. I did not care much about IE. Firefox is the my main concern right now. First open the link in Chrome & hover over the navigation items. You will see the animation (two bars expanding from the center of text) is working fine. It's coming & going smoothly on mouse over & out. Now, open it in Firefox. You will see the animation comes fine. But, as soon as, the mouse reaches the text written in Muse. The animation go in reverse. Firefox is applying mouse out property when mouse reaches the text.


      Is there any solution of it?