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    Processor Stuff


      Can anyone tell me what should i do???


      I'm using

      1.Adobe Premiere Pro CC

      2.Adobe Audition CC

      3.Adobe After Effects CC

      4.Edge Animate CC



      Can anyone give me the suggestion of processors???

      I need a processor that run 4GHz or above

      that support every ADOBE software (especially CC)


      I hope the processor can run many ADOBE application in one time.....

      And no lagging also....


      I've check many processor in around the world...but there are still lagging....

      ( LIKE AMD,INTEL,NVIDIA.....etc)


      The processor can performed well in Multicam Editing in premiere pro cc

      like the playback.....even i have 10 cameras also can play very well ( NO LAGGING)


      And also AFTER EFFECT

      I really pissed off with the lagging while i'm animating some stuff....

      So..i really hope that you guys can give me the best suggestion for me


      I really appreciate you guys..thx^^