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    1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen


      Hi folks


      I am a real greenhorn here. I have just upgraded from CS3 to CS6 and had to edit a *.fla file in Flash CC. I saved it and exported as a *.swf  I now have about 40 compiler errors all of the same format "1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before and"


      This is typical of the scenario



      Scene 1, Layer 'buttons', Frame 1, Line1. Column 17


      1     if (_ymouse>202 and _ymouse502) {


      Is it expecting a close of brackets before and ie  if(_ymouse>202)


      Another example:


      1     if (_xmouse>7 and _xmouse<24 and _ymouse<235 and text1.y<113

      2     {text1.y_y+=4}

      3     if _xmouse>33 and _xmouse50 and _ymouse<235 and text1.y>30)

      4     {text1.y_y=4}


      In this group, relating to Symbol definitions on a page labelled services-page it has the syntax error for Line 1, column 17  expecting rightparen before and, and also for Line 3 at column 16, just before the and.

      Surely adding a bracket in that group of conditions before an "and" will mess up the "if" condition...


      Any help will be graetfully appreciated!  (I can do screen grabs if it helps!)