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    Restore inadvertantly deleted column


      Help please!  In an effort to rearrange one of the columns in my form's summary report, I inadvertantly overwrote/replaced another column.  I'm not seeing any way to "undo" this misstep or to otherwise restore the now missing column.  What to do???

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Immediately after it happened using "Ctrl+Z" (Cmd+Z on Mac) should undo your change.  Since you've likely done other things now you'll want to restore it by going into the History and copying it into the current view of the Response Table, see this FAQ for more details: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-4071




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            egoldstone Level 1

            Thanks Josh,


            The "History" feature enabled me to recover my inadvertantly deleted data; HOWEVER, the original data that populated that column was linked to a field in the associated form.  When I successfully copied and pasted the contents from the historical archived version into the current live version, the linkage to the form field that originally existed no longer appears to be active.  How can I fix this screw-up???  And, in the interim, if someone submits a completed form, what will become of data entered in the field in question?


            Thanks for your guidance and for the FormsCentral education!

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



              You should probably delete the original field from the form and re-create it so that it creates the linked column in the response table, then you can copy the data from the one in History into the linked column rather than inserting the entire column from history.  I should probably update that FAQ with a note about this.