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    More flexible imports for Camera Raw please

    adobefishman Level 1

      Even if there are NO changes to the settings between individual (non-sequential) images, each import of a camera raw file must be approved by clicking okay for each file. In projects which involve hundreds (thousands?) of unique stills this is needlessly tedious.


      Instead, the option of one CR dialogue would suffice that could (again, optionally) be applied to all.


      Adopting Photoshop’s Camera raw dialogue’s ability to process BATCH images in the window and opening them all in PS seems like a natural solution to AE import hangup.


      This should also  allow for the option to re-open the dialogue after import on one or more stills to modify the contents and then close.


      In addition the fact that AE insists that a still need be at least one full second seems like an unnecessary restriction. Why is it not possible to import an image as just one frame?


      The modification I suggest would saves tremendous time and allows for incredible flexibility.


      We had an animation project where we have to manipulate1200 stills in After Effects to create an animation. Since the stills were not shot sequentially and the editing/compositing needed to happen within AE, importing as a sequence was not an option. The impediments in basic import functions added a full day's work just to import the files(!). We ended up selecting the images in LR, applying minor correction, exporting the selects as DNG files, importing them into AE (clicking the OKAY button in the CR dialogue for each of 1200 images) then selecting all the images and creating proxies so they were easier and faster to work with.  (note: we ended up buying a proxy creator script because AE won’t generate proxies for multiple items in one action)


      This is not an isolated case for one project. We require this function all the time. But the tedious importing of 1200 images in one project really broke our morale.



      Thank you for your consideration.