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    Two sets of styles


      I have a booklet that I want to produce in two styles (one feminine, one masculine).  All content will be the same, just a few font changes and a few of the master page elements differ from one to the next.


      What would be the best way to be able to switch back and forth?


      I'm thinking for the Master page elements, I can have a second set of master pages and then just select all my pages and apply the correct master page - correct?


      As for the paragraph styles, is there a way to switch from one style and then back, depending on my needs?

      The only options I am aware of:

      1. edit existing style (but then I lose original format which I would like to keep)

      2.  duplicate and alter a second style - but then how do I grab all the elements throughout my document to apply one or the other.  (I hope that makes sense).  For example.  Say, the font for my titles or sub titles changes from one format to the next.  If I create a new style - I have to go back and select each title to attach it to the new style.


      Any suggestions for doing this smarter?