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    Presenter9:Goal=swf to loop in Connect,no playbar



      Using the trial version of Presenter 9, I tried many times to create something that will loop in Adobe Connect 9.1.2 and not show the playbar.

      I want Presenter to give me one swf file that will do this. Audio would be nice, but not essential.

      Specs: Windows 7, 64 bit; PPT 2007; decent hardware (HP notebook); no other apps running. Multiple tries using all obvious settings. Followed tips, suggestions and ref manual from Adobe. Some suggestions in Presenter forum propose modifying an XML file, etc. Not what I want to spend money on. Just want a bullet-proof techninque.

      So, is Presenter 9 capable of doing what I need?

      My source PPT is pretty simple, and I tried making 5-slide test files. Results were the same: uploaded the resultant zip that Presenter made into Connect. I played, but with the playbar - not what I want.

      In Presenter, on another attempt, saved for Connect. When uploading into Connect, Connect recognized only the swf file on my HDD. That played, but with playbar.

      Any ideas to solve this, or is it something Presenter can't do, and I need to look at another app.