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    HSB/HSL filter plugin won't stay loaded in Photoshop CC


      I downloaded the optional HSB/HSL filter into the Photoshop CC plugins folder per the instructions. However, when I open Photoshop CC, the filter is not available in Other Filters in the Filters menu which is where it's supposed to be. With Photoshop CC closed, I can double-click on the "Optional Multiplugin.8BF" file (that has the HSB/HSL filter). That causes Photoshop CC to open and puts the HSB/HSL filter in Other Folders in the Filters menu. However, if I close Photoshop CC then reopen it, the filter is gone. Yesterday I updated Photoshop CC to verson 14.2.1 but that did not fix the problem.


      Here is where the file is located on my computer:

      Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC (64 bit)\Plug-ins\Optional Plug-ins Win64\Optional Multiplugin.8BF


      Is there some way to load the "Optional Multiplugin.8BF" file so that it stays permanently loaded in Photoshop CC?