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    Javascript problem


      i have a website i'm currently building in flash. Theres about 10 individual pages each will have there own little videos in them, flash is absolute shite for playing videos through, so instead i have buttons where you click on them an javascript will launch a small customized html window with a .mov playing in it.

      Here is the code for the window in actionscript:

      on (release) {

      and here is the code for the html file which holds the flash window:

      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      <!-- Begin
      function Launch(page) {
      OpenWin = this.open(page, "CtrlWindow", "toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width=388,height=325");
      // End -->

      my problem is that for some reason, only two pages successfully launch the windows, when i put the code in for the next two windows it doesnt do anything an i have gone over an over this, re-editing the buttons to launch it, re-editing the code, everything is the same, nothing has changed, the only things different are the files the javascript point to and the flash files the javascript points from. when i test the movie in flash, the window will appear for a second then dissappear, but thats good because the window will only successfully launch when launched from flash within the html window. similarly when i launch the html file that the javascript is ment to launch it to works fine.

      so why does it work with some files and not others, its totally pissing me off, if anyone has any ideas, or has a similar problem please let me know.

      Is there any option in flash that i might have to change for the windows that dont work, or maybe the javascript will only handle 3 videos, because thats how many videos worked before it didn't!????!?!?!