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    Insert Page into book with left/right justified column -headers



      I want to insert a page into my book without disrupting the placement of my section headers on each page. Currently, the section headers are in columns on the left or right most sides of each page, furthest from the stem of the book. The text boxes for the headers are also individual text frames and aren't based off a master page.



      When I insert a page, the section-header columns shift and get messed up, although the artwork remains the same. And when I insert 2 pages, the section header columns actually remain untouched and nothing goes wrong. I can imagine why this is and I guess this problem only exists when adding an odd number of pages and not for even, but I only need to add one page. Right now, if I add one page, I need to go through the entire book to fix the section headers.


      Things I tried:

      • Add a text frame column for the section-header columns and applying to all pages, and simply renaming the section headers for each page. But this still doesn't work and I run into the same problem. The master-text-frame that I applied still shifts when a new page is added.


      Please help!