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    override master page items


      I found this mentioned elsewhere but the solution doesn't work for me - perhaps as I'm not running numbered pages.


      So is it possible to do this?


      set theListOfFileNames to {"1", "2", 3", "4", "5", "5"}

      set theTargetFolder to ((path to desktop folder) & "Catalogue") as string


      repeat with theCurrentFileName in theListOfFileNames

        -- setting variables

                set theImportFile to theTargetFolder & ":text:" & theCurrentFileName & ".txt"

                tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"

                               tell active document

             make page

             override (master page items) -- what to do here??

             -- then select any textbox on the page

                 -- place theImportFile without showing options

             --end tell

        end tell

        save active document

                end tell

      end repeat