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    $300 For 2 Photoshop/Illustrator scripts- Applescript Preffered

    TomT-shirts Level 1

      I have been meaning to write these myself for months, but have been too busy, so we're trying to hire someone.


      We would prefer these to be mostly Applescript, because I know Applescript and will be able to modify/maintain them, but we might consider all Javascript if there are no bites on Applescript.


      There are probably bits in here that are not accessible to Applescript, that would need to be in Javascript. I think color overlays are not in the scripting dictionary and need to be figured out with scripting listener. That's fine, as necessary, to call Javascript from an Applescript. We just want it to be in Aplescript as much as possible.


      If you're interested, please contact me:

      [personal info removed by moderator]



      I assume that if you're interested, you'd want more information. We can provide example files in the "before" and finished states, talk or email about any questions you have, and I also have examples of some steps of the scripts functioning for reference.

      Here is the outline of the two scripts:



      Script 1: Assign Color Overlay



      This script would need to do the following in Adobe Photoshop. The script will be run from a command key.


      Script Steps:


      1. Ideally, read the current swatches on the swatch pallet in Photoshop. If this is a pain/impossible, then we’re open to getting this info from somewhere else. We can save out the info needed as a .csv or .txt and the script can just load it from there.


      2. When the script is run, it presents a dialog with a list of the colors from the swatch pallet. The user chooses a color from the list.


      3. It applies the color selected as a "Color Overlay" Layer Effect to the currently selected layer. If the layer already has a color overlay effect, it updates it to the selected color. The color overlay effect is applied with the “Screen” blending mode.


      4. It changes the layer name to the name of the color that was selected



      Script 2: Save Files and Convert Photoshop File to Spot Color Raster EPS



      The script will save out the active Photoshop file in multiple copies in different ways, place data on the clipboard, and then use Illustrator to convert one of the Photoshop files to a different format.


      The open file when the script is run will always be a Photoshop file with layers, with the topmost layers named by colors as specified by the above “Script 1.” The files can have an arbitrary number of layers, but will all be in this format:


      first layer [Some Color Name]

      arbitrary number of additional layers, each with color names

      Shirt [ <- this is a solid color layer]

      Art [<- this is a single group containing arbitrary layers]



      Script Steps:


      1. The active file is saved out exactly as it is. When the script’s run, it presents a save dialog. The operator chooses the save folder location and file name. I will refer to this as “The Save Folder” The script will then check to see if there’s an “Art” folder in The Save Folder. If there is, it saves the file there. If not, it creates the “Art” folder and saves it there. If the file already exists, it automatically overwrites and does not provide a dialog about it.


      2. Another copy is saved using “Save For Web. The original file was at 300 dpi and this copy is saved out bicubic down sampled to 72 dpi with the same inch dimensions. The save settings are {JPEG High, Progressive – off, Optimized – on, Embed Color profile – off, Quality – 72, Blur – 0, Matte – none, Convert To sRGB – yes}   This one has the same file name as the first copy (except for the file extension) and is saved in The Save Folder.


      3. A flat copy of the art at the same dimensions but downsampled to 18 dpi is placed on the clipboard.


      4. An intermediate file for Illustrator conversion is saved. This should probably be saved in a new folder in The Save Folder called “Intermediate Files.” This folder needs to be checked for and created only if necessary. The file should have a naming scheme such as “Intermediate File” & [existing file name]. This file is identical to file 1, except:

      - the shirt layer and art folder are removed. This should probably be scripted as deleting the layer named “shirt” and everything below it in the file.

      - all the color overlays are removed (or turned off)


      5. Close the file.


      6. Open the intermediate file in Illustrator with the “Convert Layers to Objects” option.


      7. Select All


      8. Edit -> Edit Colors -> Convert to Greyscale


      9. Cycle through each layer one at a time and change the fill color to the swatch from an open Illustrator swatchbook called “Current Inks” with the same name as the layer name.


      To clarify this previous step, our artists will be working off the same .ASE color swatchbook in both Photoshop and Illustrator. In Photoshop, the colors from this .ASE will be used as color overlays on layers. The file needs to be imported to Illustrator and have the same colors applied as fill colors of the raster objects that were the Photoshop layers. The color information is being conveyed from Photoshop to Illustrator through the layer names in Photoshop.


      10. Save this file to The Save Folder as a .AI with the same name and “CONV”


      11. Delete the intermediate file.

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          Zenek Demar Level 1

          Both of yours scripts can be done for 600 USD (paypal only).

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            TomT-shirts Level 1

            $400 sounds reasonable.


            Are you planning to write in Applescript or Javascript?


            Also, how long do you expect it to take?





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              ThinkingThings Level 2

              Hi Guys,


              I'm not an old-timer here, so maybe I am out of order jumping in here, so forgive me if that is the case.  I find it somewhat intriguing to watch business negotiations take place in real time over the forum, especially when the dollars involved seem to be changing (er - edited -- I thought that my mind was playing tricks on me so I had to go back and check my emails) - but it is not my place to get involved in that. Also, while I just glanced at it briefly since I'm busy and not an Applescript guy anyway, it's helpful (and refreshing) to see a pretty job done by Tom on his RFP. Nice job, Tom.


              But having said all that, here's what I find myself asking myself... is this really the place, beyond a simple request for assistance and/or a brief business proposition, to be posting the details of the proposed transaction? I think not, at least it were my business negotiation. And I don't mean to be overly critical, either, as I said, maybe this goes on all the time and I am just not following closely enough. Interested in some other's thoughts so that I can bring myself up to proper speed.





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                Also one other thing -- nothing personal is intended here. I tried to add that to the last post before posting but my keyboard seemed to have gone berzerk and the only thing that worked was the mouse so I had to post then reboot twice, only to find that the ALT key was stuck on the keyboard in the down position! Aaarrgghh....  TT

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  TT, agreeing with you. This is what Sent Personal Message is for. Next thing you know they're going to exchange e-mail addresses and account numbers for all to see.


                  Although it's nice to see a request picked up so soon. I've seen similar mails linger on and on unanswered -- or perhaps, per PM, answered, negotiated, dealt with, handled, and paid for, to the full satisfaction of both the requesting and the scripting parties, but never 'closed' with a follow-up stating as much.

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                    A few things:


                    - I replied to an email I received offering to do this for $400... I didn't log into the forum and see that the post had been revised after the email was sent to offer to do it for $600. I was not attempting to negotiate here, or at all.


                    - I actually didn't realize that replying to the email notifying me of Zenek's post would post my response in the forum... I guess I've never replied to an email about a post before. I assumed that an email reply to a post would show up as a pm to the poster, not as a forum post.


                    - Is anyone sugesting that I shouldn't have posted the listing / this was an inappropriate place to post? Just checking... I'm reading the responses as a suggestion that we shoudn't be handeling the negotion or handeling of the job in the forum, but I just want to be sure people feel it was OK to post the listing here. I never intended to handle any negotiation or handeling of the transaction here.

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                      ThinkingThings Level 2

                      @Jongware -- thanks for your thoughts! I hated to think that I was going to be on the plank all by myself here... :-)


                      @TomT-shirts -- no worries. Given your articulate RFP, I suspected that something was amiss here, not the least of which was the fact that the numbers seemed to have been misinterpreted, I knew what was happening and probably why it was happening before I posted, so I was just trying to diplomatically (or not?!?) trying to alert both parties of a problem. You are (in my opinion and I think others' as well) perfectly fine in posting the listing here. How else would anyone know about your need and a possible opportunity for folks here that are able to help? SO that's all good. Where I (at least) felt the problem was/is is the continuing of the "transaction" "on-forum", which you clearly explained how that happened. Empathetic to your potential public disclosure of additional private information (as noted by @Jongware) is why I thought that it might be a good idea to step up and implicitly suggest taking it off-forum, not even knowing "how" it happened on your end. Also good points by @Jongware about the closure of such threads, something that I never really thought about.


                      So, at least from my perspective, keep 'em coming (at least the projects and questions :-)) and please do let everyone know that you were well taken care of by the folks here on this forum by a comment afterwards to "close" the thread as suggested by @Jongware. A pretty smart group they are (myself humbly excluded).


                      And -- best of luck on your project!!!! :-)

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                        TomT-shirts Level 1

                        Sorry for the delay, but just to finish up this thread - I ended up getting a PM from an Adobe admin with a list of professional Creative Suite Scripters. I contacted several and ended up going with Sandra Voelker at adobescripting.com.

                        We've been very happy with her, she's great at helping to think through an structure workflows, as well as coding.