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    How to import data from one PDF into another

    akeohan Level 1

      I have a 10 page document created in ES4 and need the ability to import data from two separate pdf pages into the main 10 page document.   The two PDF pages are just copies out of the main document but due to work flow process, these two pages need to be filled out beforehand.   I know I can use the following code to import/export data.


      1. xfa.host.importData();



      But, when this is done it wipes out everything else already typed into the main document.   Is there a way other than using XML raw data to import data into an identical page?   Think of the workflow process as an assembly line where parts of the car are assembled before they are put together to create the final product.   That’s how the 10 page main form works. I would just add pages but there is a lot of back end programing to automate this document so I can’t easily split it up without issues.