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    New setup on a budget - Great Editing Machine

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi folks.


      I read the forum from time to time and I mostly see questions, complaints and help requests. I thought I would change things up a little and add my recent build experience to add a little light to the forum.


      I had built a video editing machine 5 years ago and while it was still running fine it was getting long in the tooth. Here is a brief summary of what I had.


      AMD 955BE - Phenom 2 X4

      16GB Ram

      256 SSD - OS Disk

      2 X 1 TB Raid 0 Source Disks (Software Raid)

      1 X 1 TB Target Disk

      EVGA GTX 560 SC - Added about 2 years ago (What a difference)


      Well it served me well but lately it has become tedious, taking up to a second to advance 1 frame, taking a second to redraw if I moved the play head etc. Since the drives were all 5 years old I also started to get worried about failure. So I made the plunge and upgraded most of my hardware, all but the graphics card. I retired my old machine to a HTPC and it does that very nicely.


      My new machine.

      Intel i7 4771 CPU

      32GB Ram (1600) - GSKILL

      256 GB Samsung EVO SSD - OS / Application Drive

      Perc 6/i Raid Controller with 256MB Cache

      5 X 1TB 64MB Cache WD Drives (4 active in RAID 5 with a hot spare) - Source drive / array

      128GB Samsung EVO SSD - Target Drive

      My existing EVGA GTX560 SC - I know it is older but it holds its own.

      ASRock Pro4 H87 MotherBoard


      All I can say is WOW. I know the PERC 6/i is an older controller (got it on ebay for $35, they were $400 when they were new) but that thing is fast. My RAID 5 array can read at 800MB/s and write and 400MB/s with IOPS at 60K. It is faster than both the SSD's it has 2.7TB of usable storage.


      My GTX 560SC used to run at 30% CPU while rendering. Now it runs between 80-90%. My render times are 33% of what they used to be. CPU is pegged at 100% on most renders. Some of them bounce between 90-100%.


      Rendering aside, the greatest improvement is editing, it is really real-time. And I mean real-time. If I move a frame ahead it is instant. If I scrub it is real-time. Even with multiple effects applied.


      Now I need to shoot more video so I can edit more.




      EDIT*** - This entire setup cost me $1300 off newegg and ebay