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    Installing automate plug-ins download from Adobe.com in PSCS5 on a Mac OS X vs. 10.7.5


      I've downloaded the automate plug ins that were left out of PSCS5 and installed it in the Applications file but there is nothing to "manually" load the patternmaker plug-in that I could see from the Adobe website.  And patternmaker didn't show up in the Automate folder after I downloaded it.   I already have Photoshop set to 32 bit mode which is what is needed to run patternmaker.  Patternmaker does not show up in my filters when I open Photoshop.  When I click on the CS optional plug-ins.mxi in the installation, I get a message saying Ins: 32bit_only: ContactSheetII.plugin:Contents:info.plist' is missing.  The extension package will not be created."  I think I was asked whether or not to replace a .plist file when I installed the download and I said yes.  I'm way over my head here and I'm afraid I've deleted something I shouldn't have and don't know how to get back to my starting point.  I'm not a savvy technical wiz on the computer and am getting more confused by the moment.  The instructions given in the download did not match up to what my computer read back to me so I'm sure I messed it up and am just totally lost now.   Is there anyone out there who can help me get this straighten out?  At the very least getting back the info.plist file I'm now missing?  Do I have to reinstall PSCS5?  If so, how does that affect the 3rd party plug-in I purchase which is located the PS application plug-in file.  And I'm still without Patternmaker which is required to complete a tutorial I'm working on in a class I'm taking.