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    IDCS6/IDCC MACOSX 10.6 and up: Inability to create tagged PDF during "Export PDF" in Data Merge

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      I have a rather odd question concerning an obscure feature of InDesign but have to ask it concerning a somewhat over-engineered solution to an ongoing problem. I will try to give an abridged version but forgive me if I ramble...


      I have a solution that splits a large PDF based on bookmarks in the document. The InDesign file doesn't use bookmarks itself; but has paragraph styles that have been tagged using the expert tagging feature of the paragraph style. Once in Acrobat, I am able to make new bookmarks from structure and voila... bookmarks that were based on tags.


      For this solution to work, a checkbox in the General window of the export PDF dialog box called "Create Tagged PDF" needs to be checked



      This checkbox is normally available when exporting PDFs from InDesign. However, when attempting to export PDF from the Data Merge panel, the dialog changes.


      The parts highlighted in green I expect to change; but the red change is unexpected and for my purposes, fouls up what I'm trying to do.


      I should stress that if the data merge file is merged to one large new InDesign file, then this problem doesn't happen. However, the amount of data that I'm dealing with (tens of thousands of records) would take too much time and be double-handling.


      Is this greying out of the checkbox a glitch;  is it intentional; or am I missing something?


      Concerning alternative ways of making bookmarks from a data merged PDF:


      • I have tried using manual bookmarks applied to form fields and only the actual words that were made as a bookmark appear in the PDF;
      • Merging to a new InDesign file is not an option given the record lengths that I work with (from 10,000 - 100,000)
      • Acrobat does have a way of automatically tagging an untagged document; however the results have been less than desirable so far.
      • There are a few third party applications for Acrobat that allow dynamic bookmarks based on type in certain positions, but many of these applications are Windows based. Mac compatible PDF-SAM looks promising but have had no testimonials on whether or not tasks like mine are possible.