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    How to Add a Hit Counter

      I'm new to using Contribute and am having trouble figuring out how to add a Hit Counter to my website. Any direction would be appreciated.
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          I'm not sure your really want to add a "hit counter" at all. A better method of seeing how many people are visiting your site is to use the web statistics generally available from your hosting company. A simple program like Webalizer will tell you a good deal more.

          The problem with hit counters and why you don't see them anymore is that they can only tell you how many time a page has been opened. It could be the same person opening it 100 times or ten people opening it 10 ten times, etc. Actual web statistics will give you "unique hits" based on the I.P. address, etc. Plus a whole lot more.

          If you don't have access to your web statistics there are affordable programs you can buy that will give you the same information.

          My advice as a long-time designer and hosting company owner? Don't waste your time on hit counters.