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    Unsupported path(s) for a .png file


      When I try to save or publish a project I get an error message 'Unsupported Path(s): for a .png file - even though I have imported the file into assests/images. When I continue to preview in the browser the image is there - but when I upload it to my website it is missing! The file is not big (10.4kb). The image is a chart I have created in an Excel spreedsheet, used windows 'Snipping Tool' to create a .png, inported it into Photoshop, and saved it using 'Save for Web' - then inported it into Edge. Any ideas anyone?

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          Where are you getting /assets folder from???


          When you import into Edge Animate it automatically copies it to a sub-folder called /images.


          Did you upload the /images folder to the server as well?



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            same issue. helllllllp. cant accuratley position buttons without my image they'll be on top of in Muse for a reference!


            File > Import > HRA.png > when i 'place' the image with the cursor, i get "error loading image!" on my stage where the file WOULD be. as soon as i move my mouse away, this pops up:


            "Users/weslangdon/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Adobe/Edge Animate 3.0.0/Untitled-2/images/HRA.png?reloadQuery=1398974847,

            /Users/weslangdon/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Adobe/Edge Animate 3.0.0/Untitled-2/images/HRA.png"