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    Sandbox differences between CS6 and CC on Mavericks?

    Olav Kvern Level 1



      I have a CS Extension for InDesign that does authentication with a web service using OAuth2. The extension works perfectly in InDesign CS6 in OS X Mavericks, but fails in InDesign CC on the same system. The extension *sends* the login request from both versions, but, in CC, the response comes back to the system but is blocked, somewhere, before it gets to the Extension. This CS Extension works fine for both versions in Windows 7, and in earlier versions of Mac OS X.


      My assumption is that some security setting, somewhere, is blocking the response from reaching the extension. It seems to me that it shouldn't be something at the system level, because it works fine in CS6. My question, therefore, is--did something change for CS Extensions that would affect getting a response from a server? Any ideas?