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    How will form display on my website?

    ADusa Level 1

      Hello, I was reading through the FAQ's and from what I can gather, I can create a fillable form in Acrobat XI Pro, import it into Forms Central as a web form. Hopefully I understand that correctly.  So if that's correct, my question is, will I then EMBED that form into my website so my customer can fill it in on their web browser OR will it actually open in another window, like a pdf, and be fillable that way?  I have been working with Jotform but this form I need to do is a little more technical and I was wanting to have the flexibility to create it in Indesign or Acrobat BUT I want the customer to be able to fill it in on their browser, not have it open in a separate window.


      Hopefully that makes sense.


      Thanks for any help you can give.