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    Processor Question


      Any suggestion with processors???


      All my adobe stuff are end with CC I need one which can run many ADOBE application at ones ( and NO LAG ) Sometimes, I want to edit my video and play games the same time, but it's really lag...( I HATE IT ) Especially, Multicam editing....with Premire Pro CC...I want the playback very smooth, without adjusting the resolution to 1/4 or 1/8 I don't want lagging happends even i editing with 10 cameras...^^ Also, my AFTER EFFECT...it's really lag when i animating my stuff.. And also...some of my 3D software....i'm using MAYA and Cinema 4D I want the processor can run many application at ones...(MUST BE NO LAGGING)


      1.(For Example) Listening to music and playing games and doing stuff with my AFTER EFFECT (resolution must be FULL) in one time.....


      2.(For Example) Watching movies and playing games (Games are like assassin's creed 4,5...need really good processor) and Editing multicam workflow with Premiere pro CC ( resolution must be FULL also )


      3.Playing Games and designing 3D stuff without any lagging happens..... I want you guys give your own opinion....(Please don't ask me to go and read a bunch of articles or stuff that teach me how to choose good processors) i really need the best ( REMEMBER,IS THE BEST) proccesor in the world....i don't care the proccessor wherther is AMD,INTEL or NIDIA.....etc As long the Clock Speed,Performance...etc is the best....Everything is the best.....And also don't care about the price (if you really want to comment those COST much) because i don't really care about the price even though is SUCH expensive....As long i get the best processor..^^ I really appreciate you guys.....:)


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