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    installation always fail


      I've been trying to install Flash player over a year now, but it still fails. I use Windows 7 pro and explorer 11.

      When I let Adobe search on my pc for a Flash player is says: there isn't any. I have remove the player from my pc many times, start the computer again and install the player again; no results. I have been installing after shut down any anti-virus and firewall programs; no results. Right now I'm running out of options, perhaps you can help me. I don't want to install another browser, because I need this explorer to build websites.




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          Mike M Level 6





          And I hope I misread that: "I don't want to install another browser, because I need this explorer to build websites."


          Using IE for design and testing of websites (other than to see what needs to be corrected for IE to display it properly) is a terrible, terrible, terrible practice. IE has problems with Javascripts, CSS3, and HTML5, not to mention Responsive Design Sites (mobile ready). And ActiveX controls only make it worse.


          Internet Exploder is "the problem child" of browsers. That's why only about 7 in 100 people use it anymore. Designing for it it counterproductive, since nearly EVERYTHING you do to make something work in IE, will look absurdly wrong in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.


          If you're even half way serious about web design, you MUST test EVERYTHING you do in:

          IE8 (Win XP), IE9 (Vista), IE10 (7 or 8), & IE11 (7, 8 or 8.1)

          Chrome (Win and Mac)

          Firefox (Win and Mac)

          Opera (Win and Mac)

          Safari (Win and Mac)

          As well as mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Samsung & Kindle tablets, Windows Phone, etc.