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    Disabling autoplay using an action

    Bart Van de Wiele Level 3



      I'm working on an interactive banner. The banner cycles and loops through 6 images on autoplay, each with a 3 sec delay between pictures. I would also like to add a "previous image" and "next image" arrow for people who want to skip some of the images, or wish to go back to one in case the autoplay is too fast / slow for some people.


      I can make all this work (both autplay and the button navigation) but encounter a problem. As a user behaviour, I'd like to make sure that the moment you use any of the arrows (meaning, switch to "manual navigation"), the autoplay function stops. Right now I have the behaviour where the banner keeps on playing, even though you manually switch to a different image. I want to stop the autoplay behaviour the moment you touch any of the navigation buttons.


      I haven't been able to find any code that is able to stop the autoplay option on command. So apart from using a "play" or "play-reverse" command, the buttons must also do something like "disable autoplay" for the main timeline.



      Any suggestions?



      Thank you !


      (PS: I'm not a coder, so when suggesting code, please add plain english too ;-)