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    ComboBox (dropdown) Need Help Adding URL links!!!

      I am somewhat of a newbie....Anybody know how to use URL links in a ComboBox dropdown menu? NEED HELP!!!!!!! I'm trying to make it so that after selecting an option, the user is directed to another URL within the same browser window. Using flash 8! Thanks,
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          Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
          Im a bit a newbie myslef but i think you make flash commuincate to javascript wich will make the browser goto the URL.
          do a search on getURL and javascript together and i am sure you will find something.
          And when slecting to redirct i think its on?(onPress) something so maybe look throught the help section in flash 8 and look at componets. I think there is some actionscript help there.
          Sorry i could not be more helpful.